Advertising and promotions

During last ten years the International Rowing Regatta Sveti Duje has proved that sports such as rowing can attract significant media attention. Following clear public relation strategy, using the modern forms of communication and expanding the programme with a series of accompanying social activities, we constantly strive to be of interest to domestic and foreign media. Solid partner relationship with the leading media in Croatia such as Croatian National Television, RTL, Slobodna Dalmacija, Radio Dalmacija, Radio Split, Radio Riva, Sportnet along with the quality cooperation with all other domestic and foreign media we managed to popularize our event and for those who follow us on our way provide a strong platform for media promotion.

Special attention is devoted to web portals realizing the importance of the speed of information flow and taking into consideration the percentage of population who use Internet as main communication tool.
Radio and television are the only media that can combine reach, speed and emotion to reach each target group. Therefore, our PR concept along with the programme of the regatta and accompanying activities is subject to creating attractive news for those media.

Every year we perform strong advertising and presenting campaign; number of ads in print magazines, posters of various sizes, ads on leading sports portals, TV teleprompters and hundreds of radio commercials which allow us to reach target population, increase our audience and provide our sponsors stronger promotional campaign.

There are more than 30 000 active and passive participants on the regatta which allow our partners additional visibility and promotion by using different promotional materials and tools.